B1 Wireless Decoder is a product that utilizes numerous new technological means to create the ultimate Bluetooth audio quality.

The bridge dyeing of your audio system and mobile phone adopts a super femtosecond temperature compensation clock with an accuracy of up to 0.03MMP, reconstructs the clock of Qualcomm Bluetooth main control chip. And increases the frequency to 32MHz.

ES9038 independently decodes, and uses Lingte voltage regulator to independently power BT, clock, and ES9038 decoding chips. The entire machine uses an oxygen free copper ring transformer, with up to 5 sets of power outputs to independently power each module.

EWEAT is proud of its customized digital audio dedicated capacitor DAL30, which incorporates multiple HiFi digital music player series high-end data playback technologies, bringing the audio quality of this wireless decoder to an unprecedented level.

Hi-end Wireless Decode Player Features

Qualcomm’s latest version 5.2

B1 adopts Qualcomm’s latest version 5.2 BT main control, supporting APTX and APTX HD.

More stable, faster, and better anti-interference, characterized by signal synchronization, LE power consumption control, and enhanced ATT protocol.

The highest indicators DAC chip

B1 adopts the famous 1BIT decoding chip ES9038, which has excellent parameter indicators. The sex to noise ratio is as high as 129DB, and the distortion (THD+N) is as low as 120DB.

The decoder clock is 100M and is designed with independent power supply. The motherboard has reserved a location for upgrading the decoding chip clock, which can be easily upgraded to a femtosecond temperature compensated clock.

0.03PPM super temperature compensated clock

B1 Using a super temperature compensated clock with an accuracy of up to 0.03PPM to reconstruct the clock of the dental monitoring chip. And upgrading the Bluetooth clock to 32MIZ, fundamentally solving the problem of time base jitter (JITTER) in dental monitoring.

This technology is far stronger than designs that only equip femtosecond clocks in the decoding section, addressing jitter issues at the root. This custom super clock has 100 temperature compensation curves in the temperature range of -30 to+70.

This excellent clock is also applied in the digital music player series of high-end digital broadcasting products.

Three high-performance linear IC

In terms of power supply, B1 adopts high-performance linear IC.

It using up to 5 sets of independent output oxygen free copper ring transformers and multiple LINE AR LT1963 stabilized IC to power modules such as Bluetooth, clock, code, and analog.

Multiple digital audio dedicated capacitors

The filtering part adopts EWEAT’s proud custom DAL30 digital audio dedicated capacitor, making it’s sound quality performance more outstanding.

These are all configurations that are only available in the DMP series of high-end digital broadcasting products and are adopted on B1.

Exclusive mobile APP

The APP (Android/ IOS) can control input selection and volume, and can remember the last volume.

You can upgrade your device online through the mobile app (OTA) to support updated versions of Bluetooth protocols and new features, always maintaining the latest status.

To enjoy the high-quality music – B1

Selling Point

B1 use the newest ESS9038Q2M VELVET SOUND DAC chips, native playback up to 32-bit / 768 kHz PCM as well as native DSD up to 512 is achieved effortlessly.

Powerful transformer,it does not produce noise ,generates lowe heat, high efficiency,low magnetic leakage, superior performance, stronger reliability, and meets global safety standards.

B1 use two high quality oscillator, and one of them is the femtosecond clock oscillator, accuracy of up to 0.03ppm super femtosecond temperature compensated clock

High-quality materials
High-quality gold-plated input and output connection terminals

Qualcomm BT chip,support BT5.2

Decoder ESS9038 Q2M DAC
Wireless Qualcomm 5.2
Audio input Optical /Coaxial/BT
Audio output RCA/XLR
AC out connect to the other device and control the device
AC Power 110V-220V
THD+N 0.00001%
Audio Output Level—RCA 2.0V RMS
Audio Output Level—XLR 4.0V RMS
Signal-to-Noise Ratio—RCA 130dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio—XLR 130dB
Audio Output imdeance—RCA 100Ω
Audio Output imdeance—XLR 200Ω
Bit depth—Optical/Coaxial 1bit,16-24bit
Sampling rate—Optical/Coaxial—PCM 44.1-192kHz
Sampling rate—Optical/Coaxial—DSD DSD64-DSD128(DoP)
Material & Craft Aluminum case
Color Silver
Unit Dimension 269*242*85MM
Unit Weight 5kg
Remote control ×1pcs
Wi-Fi Antennas ×2pcs
Power Cable ×1pcs (Optional: EU/US/UK/AU)
Certificate of conformity ×1pcs
Manual ×1pcs

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