R&D Team

We do OEM & ODM for a media player, smart tv box and IPTV box.
With powerful R&D team, we provide professional OEM and ODM services to many IPTV/OTT TV box platforms and wholesales stores worldwide. Our strong R&D team are rich of professional technical knowledge and experience both hardware and software. We can customize OTT TV box based on customer requirements as follows:

  1. Create unique UI (launcher)
  2. Firmware development (include boot screen, boot animation)
  3. Layout PCB board and design new mold
  4. Customize packing (include OTT TV box case and gift box)
  5. Customize Kodi
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R&D Capability

  1. Launcher (UI) design and develop
  2. Firmware development
  3. Applications and Software for Android
  4. Customize Android for IPTV, media center and HD OTT TV box
  5. OTT TV box based on Amlogic and Realtek
  6. OTT TV box PCB layout
  7. Structure and mold design
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